COUPON BOOKS - We are a proud supporter of the Knox County Coupon Book program.  We have a coupon in the coupon book good and we will be able to honor that coupon anywhere we are on location doing parties & events.  

GIFT CARDS - If you have a gift card, you may use it at any off-site location we are participating in.  We will update to let you know where we will be.  

Off-site events:

Friday, September 30th - Brickey Elementary School Fair

​Saturday, October 1st - The Great Llama Race - World's Fair Park

Our location at 7613 Blueberry Road in Powell will be closing September 30th.  We are moving down the road to Historic Powell.  Our new location is 1904 W Emory Road next to Frightworks.  We will reopen in December 2016 or January 2017.  

Imagination Forest 

7613 Blueberry Road (until 9/30/2016)

1904-K West Emory Road (12/1/2016 -TFN)

Powell, TN 37849